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Avoid this company at all costs!I had contracted HESS and Mr.

Mohammed El-Ghoul to correct two problems in my house: a very uncomfortable cold draft throughout every room, and a breach that was admitting cold air into my kitchen cabinets. Mr. El-Ghoul did not take much interest in my description of the issues and rather than try to diagnose the specific problem, he simply recommended very expensive additional insulation and structural changes to which I, in desperation, mistakenly agreed. $4300 wasted dollars later, my house is colder than before, since he did not solve the original problems and may have caused more.

When I protested the complete failure of his efforts and requested a partial refund, he responded with personal attacks and insults, and admitted that he never thought I had a problem to begin with. Yet that didn't stop him from getting thousands of dollars of work out of me. His business ethic is dishonest and repulsive. His aim is to sell you insulation whether you need it or not.

His work crew were lazy, sloppy, clueless, and inept. I have had many contractors in my home over the past 13 years, and this circus was the worst by far. I know quality when I see it. If you need a home energy audit or have a heating efficiency problem, do yourself a favor and go with one of the many other REAL experts out there.

Don't take a chance - I learned the hard way.If you are an Angie's List member, please see my review for additional detail.

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Of course I would trust someone named Mohamed the ghoul! Why Not? :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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